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Our Engagement Models

Turnkey Projects

Short term needs where the scope is clear and well defined.


Hire Offshore Developers

Both short and long term needs where continuous development is in foresight; fast and flexible scaling of team is possible.


On site Recruitment

Long term needs where you need an extension of in-house development/tech team.


Hire Developers is an offshore development outsourcing division of NCrypted and provides experienced and highly talented developers to clients worldwide. We have flexible engagement models for hourly hiring and turnkey projects and under hourly you can also decide whether you want to go on a flexi model or monthly contract. The offshore development and hire developer services provided by our programmers for hire are intended to serve businesses, both large enterprise agencies and startups, that are outsourcing software development and programming services.

You can also decide whether you want a single developer or a team of developers, on site or remote hiring (offshore). is trusted by startups, small businesses, software agencies and established enterprises. It is an offshore development outsourcing division of NCrypted, we have dedicated programmers for hire on board whose expertise is accountable and have exposures to the respective niches which consists designing, development, R&D and quality assurance for meeting your requirements. The offshore development and hire developer services of are projected for serving the business across the globe.

We provide highly skillful online and offline solutions to clients at effective rates and within the time frame. Our app developers have a great support team that will enchant you with proper guidance and has the competency to clear the doubt if have any. We have professional programmers for hire who will choose the best technology that will outfit your project.

Having 150+ developers working efficiently and with devotion, we’ve managed to create a plausible work-oriented atmosphere to work with and deliver the project on time with equitable rates. We ease your processes to hire developers for outsourcing your development requirements which we ensure are fulfilled by our web developers.

Our talent cloud includes experienced developers with exposure and programming skills in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET), AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, jSON, ColdFusion, Flash (ActionScript), HTML 5, DHTML, CSS, Ruby On Rails (ROR), API programming and integration, Open Source (Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OSCommerce), etc.

You can hire a dedicated developer or hire a development team for any of the above-mentioned skill requirement for your new or on-going project requirement. The hired developer works as an extension to your existing workforce or department while, at the same time, saving you thousands of dollars on payroll, infrastructure and other incurred costs; since the developer will be working from our development center, you will not have to worry about any such additional costs whatsoever. 

You can either hire developers at a fixed hourly rate or on a monthly retainer, or we can also work out on a fixed-cost project based model if your project feature requirements are all clear in the beginning. In case the project requirements and features keep evolving alongside the development/phases, it is more advisable to work on a monthly retainer or hourly-rate based pricing model for your offshore development requirements.

Please get in touch with us today with your offshore development requirement and we will suggest as to which model is more suitable to start our offshore outsourcing relationship with.

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