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Our Engagement Models

Turnkey Projects

Short term needs where the scope is clear and well defined.


Hire Offshore Developers

Both short and long term needs where continuous development is in foresight; fast and flexible scaling of team is possible.


On site Recruitment

Long term needs where you need an extension of in-house development/tech team.


Hiring Great AngularJS Developers Doesn't Have to be Hard

HDI embeds some of the most talented AngularJS Developers as full-time teammates, enabling companies like yours to build better products, faster.
Developers Vetted By Developers, Not Recruiters
AngularJS Developers Vetted
By AngularJS Experts, Not Recruiters

HDI recruits the top 1% of tech talent from a pool of over 10,000 applicants.

AngularJS Developers first spend six months on our team – mastering AngularJS tech stack, building internal products, and becoming experts on distributed teamwork – before they're ready to join yours. Our dedicated AngularJS training programs are aligned with Skill India campaign initiative.

More Effective Than Working With Freelancers
More Effective Than
Working With AngularJS Freelancers

Utilizing both simulations and real-world projects, we evaluate AngularJS Developers across 950 data points in 15 categories.

The in-depth knowledge gained from months of interaction allows us to quickly match you with the right AngularJS Developers in a way that even highly skilled and experienced AngularJS freelancers can't touch. Plus, you get the trust and committed support of HDI which is absent big time with even the best freelancers and outsourcing agencies.

Add Team Members In Days, Not Months
Add Team AngularJS Members
In Days, Not Months

We handle on-boarding so you don't have to.

Our business experts assess how you operate before designing a plan for each of your new AngularJS Developers, programmers or other tech resources. Then we get them up to speed on your code base, internal systems, and team structure so that they can start contributing from day one.


Welcome To Your Offshore HQ

Our AngularJS resources would be part of your integral tech team, working on your projects, from our state-of-the-art offices

HDI provides all of the infrastructure your AngularJS Developers need to be successful, from the latest software, to a team of senior AngularJS Developers who support them as they grow and help achieve your business and technical goals.

Welcome to HireDevelopers.co (HDI). We are the early adopter and now the veterans of the most recent, prominent and swiftly adopted front-end technology of this decade.

HireDevelopers.co is dedicated to providing the best quality AngularJS developers. We’ve got developers, who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to build dynamic applications making use of modern technology as we know the finest practice to unbridle the power of AngularJS.

Benefits of Hiring AngularJS Developer

  • HDI is devoted to giving the best quality web development using AngularJS. Our pool of AngularJS developers has inside and out information and broad experience to assemble dynamic applications influencing utilization of contemporary innovation as we know the prescribed procedures to release the energy of AngularJS.
  • Hire AngularJS developer who is powerful, very intelligent and information-driven AngularJS developers with ideal quality principles. Our master developers are very bright in creating an AngularJS based site and front end in a quick and dependable route for a wide range of organizations.
  • The fundamental area aptitude of our developers is to construct rich site UIs and make a responsive single page web application utilizing AngularJS. To profit the best of AngularJS, hire AngularJS developers from us today. We are capable in the accompanying administrations
  • AngularJS Development with various server-side developments like ASP.NET, JSP/JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lasso, and so on. 


Why Hire AngularJS Developers from HDI?


Extensive Service

Development is not just a work for us, it’s our living style. At HDI, your trust means everything to us. We have experienced AngularJS Developers that delivers incredible performancein developing creative final product.

Proficient Developers

Proficient AngularJS Developers

Proficient AngularJS Developers leads to good communication and good communication leads to an exact result. We never fail in striving to bring exact result for you and in providing the values to you with our proficient AngularJS Developers There is a good balance of skills, abilities, and aspirations.

Advanced and Certified Technology

Advanced and Certified Technology

We process with advanced, diversified and certified technologies with deep domain expertise to meet the exact requirements of yours. Our AngularJS Developers are faster in acquiring the advance technologies and providing the best result for your requirements.

Leading-Edge Solutions

Leading-Edge Solutions

Reap the benefits by choosing what's the best for your job. To solve your problems, our connoisseur developers have managed to build comprehensive products, which is something to crow about. AngularJS Developers are being driven by the quality approach and query handler procedure that would accomplish your requirements.

Equitable Rates

Equitable Rates

You can get highly skillful online and offline solutions within the time frame and at fruitful rates. The prodigious work of our AngularJS Developers speaks for itself. To fulfil your requirements, our provisions provide devotional performance.

Accessible Transmission

Accessible Transmission

Seeking for a seamless communication while hiring your business partner? To maintain the durability and enhancing the efficiency of your requirements that concludes an integral solution at your disposal, our AngularJS Developers are available through Skype, Hangouts, VOIP, direct phone lines/other conference calls.

Our Excellence in AngularJS Development

  • Development of Web Applications 
  • Intelligent App. Improvement 
  • AJAX Development 
  • Custom App. Development 
  • Entryway Development 
  • Content Management Tools 
  • Web-based business, Shopping truck Development 
  • Modules Development 

Our Client Orientation - What We Do Today, Others Adapt Tomorrow!

Certified Professionals

Object Oriented Architecture Design

Hassle Free communication

Superior Value Proposition

Ongoing Global Support (Online/Offline)

World Class Application Design and Architecture

W3C Certified

Search Engine Friendly Page Optimization

Delivery Excellence


HDI is trusted by small businesses, young startups, and established brands
  • Dedicated Work Force

    Dexterous team of aficionados with over 2 million man-work of experience

  • Cost and Time Saving

    Cost-effective, durable solution provider within time frame

  • Result Oriented

    We crave for result-oriented approach and have a go-to market strategy

  • Strategic Planning

    Plan, build and conserve that’s all we strive for in our business endeavors.


key to success

Clients Speak

Jan Rangul

Jan Rangul PPresident, Loci360 (Norway)

NCrypted understands our project and shows keen interest in listening to our requirements. I have spoke to the business team at NCrypted more, in recent time, than anybody else regarding my project. I have really high expectations from them now on my upcoming projects.

Hares Nayabkhil

Hares Nayabkhil President, Greenlight Payments, Inc. (USA)

From the get-go, the business analysts that were working with us started up professionally, spoken English and communication was flawless; they understood what we needed, addressed our concerns and started their research & development; after that, everything is as smooth as it should be.

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