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Hiring Great BlockChain Developers Doesn't Have to be Hard

HDI embeds some of the most talented BlockChain Developers as full-time teammates, enabling companies like yours to build better products, faster.
Developers Vetted By Developers, Not Recruiters
BlockChain Developers Vetted
By BlockChain Experts, Not Recruiters

HDI recruits the top 1% of tech talent from a pool of over 10,000 applicants.

BlockChain Developers first spend six months on our team – mastering BlockChain tech stack, building internal products, and becoming experts on distributed teamwork – before they're ready to join yours. Our dedicated BlockChain training programs are aligned with Skill India campaign initiative.

More Effective Than Working With Freelancers
More Effective Than
Working With BlockChain Freelancers

Utilizing both simulations and real-world projects, we evaluate BlockChain Developers across 950 data points in 15 categories.

The in-depth knowledge gained from months of interaction allows us to quickly match you with the right BlockChain Developers in a way that even highly skilled and experienced BlockChain freelancers can't touch. Plus, you get the trust and committed support of HDI which is absent big time with even the best freelancers and outsourcing agencies.

Add Team Members In Days, Not Months
Add Team BlockChain Members
In Days, Not Months

We handle on-boarding so you don't have to.

Our business experts assess how you operate before designing a plan for each of your new BlockChain Developers, programmers or other tech resources. Then we get them up to speed on your code base, internal systems, and team structure so that they can start contributing from day one.


Welcome To Your Offshore HQ

Our BlockChain resources would be part of your integral tech team, working on your projects, from our state-of-the-art offices

HDI provides all of the infrastructure your BlockChain Developers need to be successful, from the latest software, to a team of senior BlockChain Developers who support them as they grow and help achieve your business and technical goals.

Blockchain technology and digital currency is the hottest topic of the era. Blockchain technology has seriously brought some innovation in different industries. A Blockchain Developer usually implements Blockchain Coding to solve programming related issues, and for the growth projections.

If two or more parties have common records, Blockchain technology is useful for them to have secure transaction at any place. Database stored in blockchain is secure as it is protected by large community not by an individual. So a company which is having a huge bunch of important data can hire Blockchain engineer to create new and more efficient business processes, they also have to ensure that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded at low-cost.

Benefits of Hiring Blockchain Developers:

A Flexible Timing for Communication:

Although you are working in a different time zone, our developers are very flexible and would reply you via online chat from Skype, Hangouts, direct phone lines and/or other conference call. We also have dedicated VOIP lines that will help you to be in touch with our Dedicated Developers.

Take an Interview and Hire Developers As Per Your Requirements:

Talents win games but, smart work and intelligence win championships. You would be provided with smart and intelligent designers. And in addition to that, you can choose your own developers through an interview. You are able to Hire Developers after once you completely get satisfied with them.

No Need to Provide Resources and Premises. Just Tell Your Requirements and Ask for Results

No need to worry about providing a place to your developers. They will work for you from our premises and they will be provided with the latest technology to meet your requirements. Our place and our resources, your time and your requirements.

Immediate delivery of work

Once you hire your own Dedicated Developers and specification of your project will be understood, they will start working immediately on your project. You would also be assigned with Project Manager or Project Coordinator (without any additional cost on top of the developers).

Why Hire BlockChain Developers from HDI?


Extensive Service

Development is not just a work for us, it’s our living style. At HDI, your trust means everything to us. We have experienced BlockChain Developers that delivers incredible performancein developing creative final product.

Proficient Developers

Proficient BlockChain Developers

Proficient BlockChain Developers leads to good communication and good communication leads to an exact result. We never fail in striving to bring exact result for you and in providing the values to you with our proficient BlockChain Developers There is a good balance of skills, abilities, and aspirations.

Advanced and Certified Technology

Advanced and Certified Technology

We process with advanced, diversified and certified technologies with deep domain expertise to meet the exact requirements of yours. Our BlockChain Developers are faster in acquiring the advance technologies and providing the best result for your requirements.

Leading-Edge Solutions

Leading-Edge Solutions

Reap the benefits by choosing what's the best for your job. To solve your problems, our connoisseur developers have managed to build comprehensive products, which is something to crow about. BlockChain Developers are being driven by the quality approach and query handler procedure that would accomplish your requirements.

Equitable Rates

Equitable Rates

You can get highly skillful online and offline solutions within the time frame and at fruitful rates. The prodigious work of our BlockChain Developers speaks for itself. To fulfil your requirements, our provisions provide devotional performance.

Accessible Transmission

Accessible Transmission

Seeking for a seamless communication while hiring your business partner? To maintain the durability and enhancing the efficiency of your requirements that concludes an integral solution at your disposal, our BlockChain Developers are available through Skype, Hangouts, VOIP, direct phone lines/other conference calls.

Advantages of Blockchain Technologies

  • Accountability: Providing zero error in technology is a cup of tea like thing for Blockchain Technology. In fact, every transaction you make in Blockchain, can only be altered when a number of computers in a network agrees to it.
  • Transparency: The changes in Blockchain has some unique process. Changes can only be done if the majority of network agrees to change information, Making Blockchaing technology as most transparent.
  • Decentralize technologies: Blockchain Technologies operates on peer-to-peer basis.
  • Robustness: security is guaranteed in Blockchain technology.

Our Client Orientation - What We Do Today, Others Adapt Tomorrow!

Certified Professionals

Object Oriented Architecture Design

Hassle Free communication

Superior Value Proposition

Ongoing Global Support (Online/Offline)

World Class Application Design and Architecture

W3C Certified

Search Engine Friendly Page Optimization

Delivery Excellence

Be sufficient to take off in your business. Visit us today to hire a Blockchain developer and be relaxed about your offshore development requirements!


HDI is trusted by small businesses, young startups, and established brands
  • Dedicated Work Force

    Dexterous team of aficionados with over 2 million man-work of experience

  • Cost and Time Saving

    Cost-effective, durable solution provider within time frame

  • Result Oriented

    We crave for result-oriented approach and have a go-to market strategy

  • Strategic Planning

    Plan, build and conserve that’s all we strive for in our business endeavors.


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Clients & Testimonials

  • Michael Woods

    President, Texas Vacation Rentals

    People at NCrypted were supportive and understanding of our requirements and went out of the box to suggest and implement customization that we required for our website on top of what they already have in their product. We wasted our money using a third party script from another company but finally I am happy with this investment with NCrypted.

  • Faye Miller

    Successful Entrepreneur

    NCrypted has the capability to understand problems and find proper solutions and this is very critical for small businesses like ours, where you want the best quality website to be developed but have a limited budget to spend on the project.

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