Introduction to Drupal CMS Tools with Advantages and Limitations

Day by day importance of website is increasing in corporate world and has become identity for business. Website doesn’t have any geographical boundaries as physical business does have, so it becomes mandatory for every business to have their website as their identity across globe.

For any entrepreneur who desires to achieve success in business, website is one of the key factors. There are many web development tools available in market such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, ASP.NET, OS-Commerce, PHP and many more. All development tools are meant for specific purpose and you need to select tool which suits your needs better. I would like to brief Drupal development tool, as it is open-source and feature rich platform.

Hire Drupal Developer – Drupal is open-source content management system that helps in managing website effectively using following tools,

  • Browser Tools – These are the tools that developer can install according to browser he/she is using for development.  It consist of following
    • IE Developer Toolbar – Used by developer quick functioning in IE.
    • Multiple IE versions – Testing is done installing multiple versions of Internet Explorer.
    • FireFTP – Transferring file from Mozilla Firefox, developers doesn’t need to start Filezilla or any transfer protocol to upload file.
    • Firebug – Firebug for Mozilla is used to inspect element in HTML or CSS directly from browser.
    • Firebug Lite – Functional same as firebug but Firebug Lite is for non-Firefox browsers.
    • Text & Code Editing Tools – These are the tools that developer can install to edit code.  It consist of following editors
      • Emacs – When developer is using non-windows platform such as Linux, Mac etc, Emacs are used to configure Drupal.
      • IDEs – IDE is text editor which helps programmer in developing software with various tools available in IDE. Here are some popular IDEs are available in market.
        • Eclipse
        • Netbeans
        • Zend Studio
        • Xcode
        • Quanta Plus
        • Database Tools – Database tools are useful for maintaining data records, handling queries, fetching data from software. You can manage database via
          • phpMyAdmin
          • Sequel Pro
          • Toad
          • MySQL Workbench

Mentioned tools can be used to manage websites efficiently using Drupal CMS. Though there are many pros and cons of Drupal CMS, there are some of the advantages and limitations mentioned below.


  • Open-source is the major benefit of Drupal CMS
  • Drupal Client base is strong
  • API support being strong
  • Quick development and easily manageable Drupal Websites


  • Less User-friendly – As compared to any other CMS Drupal is less user-friendly.
  • Compatibility Issue – One major issue with Drupal CMS is, it is less compatible with other programs.
  • Paid Plug-ins – If you want rich set of features in your website then some of the plug-ins you might need to purchase.

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