Introduction to Magento Development and Tips to Hire Magento Developers or Companies

In recent days popularity of open-source development are on boom. There are many open-source platforms available in market such as Zen-cart, X-Cart, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress and many more. Among all fame of Magento is much more due to its rich set of functionality and efficiency.

The major benefit of Ecommerce online store is that it reduces man power and it has availability 24×7 and Magento is one of them. If you need to have dynamic and interactive eCommerce online store, than Magento is one of the best open-source platform.

One of the major advantages is that, it is based on open source platform as a result it is able to provide cost-effective solution and the online store owner are attracted with that. I would like to share some of the efficient advantage of Magento Development for online store.

  • Multiple store can be managed using single database.
  • Robust ECommerce solution can be generated.
  • Multiple payment gateways can be integrated.
  • Multi-language & Mulch-currency is supported.
  • Support search engine friendly features helps in getting visibility.
  • Features are available in the form of plug-ins, add-ons, extensions, templates etc.
  • Marketing & Promotional tools can be integrated efficiently.

You can be benefited with the following advantages, because Magento offers flexibility in modifying existing features as well as creating new features, integration & implementation is much easy using available and useful tool.

Magento has rich set of features that fulfills every need & demand of customer in the form of Add-ons or Plug-ins and if some functionality you want get then you can even get via Magento community. I would like to list major features of Magento

  • Analytics & Reporting System
  • Catalog and Product browsing
  • Order & Catalog Management
  • Payment Methods & Integration
  • Checkout System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Customer Service & Accounts

Above mentioned features are the basic features that magento offers and you can also avail customized feature that you need for your business. You can Hire Magento Developer that assists you in developing customized modules and the same modules to be integrated.

The main reason behind successful online store is to hire experienced magento developer, though hiring experienced magento developer would little bit high but it would be long term beneficial. Here are some points that are to be kept in mind while hiring freelancer developer or offshore developer.

  1. The offshore developer you are hiring is Magento Partner (Gold or Silver) – Ensure they are Magento Partner or not, so that they can get good support.
  2. Review developer or a company’s portfolio. By Checking out Portfolio you can get an idea about the work they had done and can figure out whether they can fulfill your requirement efficiently?
  3. You can even ask for Past Work or References – Inquire about past magento work done by company or developer and confirm that they have clear Intricacies about development.
  4. Explain Product in detail & your Present Business Strategies – Whether you are creating new eCommerce online store or modifying existing one you need to explain your all products in detail and present business strategy, so that company or developer can have clear idea about the working.
  5. Company or Developers site should be Evaluated – You must evaluate company or developer website in order to know whether they are using updated technology or not. If not then you should keep that on hold and search for another one.
  6. Do’s and Don’ts – In simple terms dos and don’ts means terms and conditions, be clear with terms and conditions for works and payments to have safe completion.

Accurate and efficient magento development will definitely lead to success, but to ensure that you need to hire experienced and skilled magento developer or a company that helps you to achieve a highest peak.

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